IRS (Integrated Reception System)

IRS Systems

  • Full digital switchover compliance for 2012
  • Very flexible for end user
  • Very Cost Effective
  • Responsibility of initial signals only, by landlord
  • Tenants choose themselves, if at all, they wish to subscribe to services
  • Full health and safety compliance

Architecture Of communal IRS Systems

IRS Wiring / IRS Systems in the absolute basic terms, are a dish, or more than one dish, TV aerial and radio aerials for analogue and digital TV, combined and brought down one cable to the tenant. This then gives each individual tenant, through one cable, Satellite and Digital aerial, Analogue aerial signals.

If your tenant requires reception also from more than one satellite via this communal system, which is common place now for local authorities and housing associations, this is possible quite simple with a change of electronics, extra dish and 4 more cables down from the roof, with the extra satellite dish pointing a different direction.

For Sky Plus and Sky HD, you just need 2 cables per flat or dwelling and it is ready. This is now the most commonly installed IRS System for Housing Associations.

How many cables to run for an IRS System

IRS Systems require the aerials and dishes on the roof. From there, 5 cables are run from the roof and into the best position centrally to be able to install amplifiers, equalisers and multi switches. If you also require satellite reception from another satellite, then you will need to run 9 cables down from the roof, to this central position.

From this central position, if the system is not to be Sky Plus or Sky HD compatible, then you run just one cable to each required position. If Sky Plus or Sky HD is required, then you will need 2 cables to each position.


One of the most important aspects and most advantageous aspects of an IRS system, is the Planning a communal system.

It is important to find out whether there is going to be a requirement for Sky HD and Sky Plus and if the tenants require reception from any other satellite. Bigger IRS Systems may need to be what is known as cascade IRS systems to cope with the longer cable routes

Communal IRS engineers, who are CAI SMATV and IRS system accredited, have a proven track record with installing IRS systems and adhere to all health and safety standards required, to give you peace of mind,with the highest quality diagnostic equipment you can have in our industry.

Call Your Local IRS System Installers

An IRS system stand for integrated receiving system. An IRS system is the means for satellite, TV aerial and Radio aerial signals to be passed to multiple points. A Communal aerial and satellite  IRS System is often the most flexible type of system to use for communal aerial and satellite systems and empowers the end user to choose what they wish to watch or listen to. It provides the ‘means’ to be able to receive all of these signals. Only the means. For example, if a tenant wanted to receive Sky digital, then they would need to subscribe to Sky themselves and get a Sky Digital box also themselves. The signals will be present for the tenant to connect up to, without the need to go on to the roof.